About Us
Some FAQs you need to know

What is WapBoost ?

WapBoost targets mobile websites owners/publishers as well as Advertisers. WapBoost provides a platform to publishers where they can get connected to thousands of others publishers and exchange their traffic to help each other to grow that too free of cost. WapBoost also caters to the needs of Advertisers who want to drive in traffic to their mobile websites.

How do you use WapBoost ?

It is very simple to start benefiting from WapBoost. The basic structure of how WapBoost works is:

  • Account Signup
  • You place WapBoost ads on your site using PHP adcode or Adpage link.
  • Revenue share for premium ads, can be seen as cash in your account.
  • For each click you earn 15 WapBoost Points which adds up to your Balance (WapBoost Points).
  • You create your ad with your own custom Text or Banner.
  • For each click you receive from WapBoost, 20 WapBoost Points will be deducted from your account.
  • Your visitors will come back to your site since they know your site. But users which we will send to your site will be new users for your site. This will help you boost your traffic.

How does WapBoost benifit your site ?

Since your site visitors know about your site already, visitors coming from your site will come back to you. But visitors we will send you will be new ones! That means you will now have 24 visitors on your site! Hence your site traffic will grow!